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Your Ultimate Guide to Hookah Ice Hoses and Tips

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There are many Hookah Ice Hoses and Ice tips on the market today, how do you know which one is best for you?

In this video we break down 3 of the major players in the Hookah Ice tip world. We talk about the Mystique Ice tip, the Soguk Ice tip, and the Deezer Freeze hose.

Each one has certain advantages and we hope this video will help you make the most educated choice for you and your customers.

You can check them out here:




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J Chroniclez says:

Awesome I was always a second guesser to using ice hoses

black black says:

Mystique should be for shika, khalil and moderns. Deezer goes great with all but doesnt last. Mya ice hose works best for maya or egyptians

imtiaz uddin says:

inside the mystique, how long does the ice last for and I'm assuming once finished you can just refreeze for another session, am i correct?

Foqus says:

Hey, thanks for making this video, I just have one question. Inside a ice hose is gel, will it leak while you smoke?

armo23qu says:

Which one would you say is the coldest/ lasts longer?

Vandy Vanity says:

Very helpful!

Sara Messenger says:

Good content and you get to the point. Thank you!

Siddharth Jain says:

You should open the hose n make a complete hookah process of hosses this is not much helpful in understanding about the function of hose.

Ava Khilji says:

Good for the summer

Vibhor Verma says:

Great Video guys, does any of these tips fit on KM hoses?

Nafiel says:

This would so so nice for the summer

Diego Ugalde says:

I got different hookahs from you guys and i could use The mystique on all of them.

Carlton Gill says:

The Mystique sells much better than the other 2, in my experience.

Santiago Ferrer says:

Nice Video!

Nezom Muhsin says:

Great video thx for the information!

Amol Bhavsar says:

This is FlyVybes Hookah Lounge from Casper, Wyoming. You guys are #1 hookah wholesale and our videos are very informative. Thank you

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