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WOOKAH Classic Wooden Hookah Long Term Review

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Today we would like to let you know about our experience with Wookah hookahs. We all know that there is a base version and special wood series versions. Should you buy a whole wood version? Watch this video to find out.
Wookah’s are Polish made hookahs that use different kinds of wood to produce these quality offerings. They have many models that would fit your budget. Another great trait of these products is that they utilize stainless steel for durability.

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Masi A. says:

I am loving that japona bowl. I have 2. Beautifully Made in Russia

Akshat Khanna says:

I gotta ask ….Are you Serbian or Russian or Ukrainian or Belarussian ?

Vedant Saxena says:

hey man are you the same guy from before i think your name is " al " you lost some weight man, Love your videos !!!

Bbaby Baby says:

Also how do the heat regulated heads fit on any hookah?

Jovan Madzoski says:

Man put out more constant videos, much better content than strictly shisha <3

Evelina Spruogyte says:

The only channel I watch when I bought my dschinni baba white.. Full of best advice..

Evelina Spruogyte says:

Omg.. U changed!!! Well done.. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

ibn Saeed1 says:

How much can i smoke a day ?

Erdem Dogan says:

Can you do a review of amy de luxe crazy dots 760

Appie App says:

Which hookah is the best here in netherland we smoke with Khalil mamoon or amys deluxe

kingk 500 says:

Quick question do u inhale the smoke or no

Dylan says:

Good promotion for wookah haha, well changed my mind a bit about buying one now.

Mohamed Essam says:

Great work man❤️❤️❤️❤️

Kemal Yildirim says:

once again a great review video.Honest and informative. You guys are the best!

RPenahli says:

perfect review. it’s a bit tricky to feel water to base ))

Michael Ayoub says:

Hello, nice and honest review. Thank you! I was thinking about buying a Wookah with glas vase or a Steamulation Pro. The Steamulation Pro has alot of new tech and would be great IF you can review everything on it. How it smokes how it purges, how it is to smoke 3-4 People at the same time etc. i think you would have alot of fin reviewing it 🙂

There is No other good review of this shisha put there so would really appriciate it 🙂

Sultan khan says:

Can u tell me the cap name That shit is nice tho


U lost a lot of weight that is so good

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