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Whats new on Russian market? | HOOKAH CLUB SHOW 2020 | PART 1 OF 2 | Shisha Beyond Borders

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Wert says:

Solist hookah or harvik bowl – I’m still not sure. However it’s just gorgeous beauty on my display. Where can I get one?

Mark Alexandrov says:

Instagram @solisthookah

ArturasDzeikas says:

The best American hookah blogger. Period. Great video man

MyNameisZander says:

Very deep insight into the Russian hookah scene once again! Some people see the German hookah scene as the spark of creativity on the hookah-horizon but I, even as a German strongly have to disagree with that common thought. Those Russians are bringing hookah culture up to a next level, and it’s just great to see.

C B says:

Great job as always bro!

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