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What's in your hookah base | Hookah tips (2020)

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What’s in your Hookah base is one of the most asked questions. On today’s show we will finally share the secret with all our followers and friends. There are many things you can use to pimp out your base, if you like this video and would like to see more tricks let us know and we will do another video. So hope you enjoyed this quick video if you do don’t forget to hit that Like button. Also, Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel so you can stay up to date with our latest shows.

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1. Floating Balls:
2. Lava Effect:
3. Color & Flavor:

Pure Filtered water:

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drb95s says:

You can use food color for cakes 🙂 next question should be how to color smoke 😉

Yo MiiKEY says:

What are them mouth tips you Guys are using and the hoses make video.

Brycekiller1 says:

Do most hoses have interchangeable tips like the one in the video? If not what kind of hose and tips are you guys using? Also, I see the other comment saying that they are out of stock but where would I get one from?

bob marley says:

I've put some liquors in my base wayyy back in 2013.. don't do it.. just don't.

dimes tst says:

That co host is terrible

Costa T says:

I'm a new subscriber and I love these videos. I have a question, can you put vodka or any type of alchohol in your base and if so, how much can you put(50%water and 50% alchohol or just a splash of alcohol)?

John Smith says:

Try to mix lava effect and the balls

Fabio Bloemendaal says:

Where do you buy them chain mouthpieces?

Kez Rashid says:

And is that gold colouring edible?

Kez Rashid says:

Also what if the balls come up the stem? How would you prevent it?

Kez Rashid says:

Quick question! How much water should I put in with an ice base? (Khalif Mamoon cafe style) always end up scared lol

Andrew Bowman says:

This is stupid asf… yall lame

Noor Syed says:

On the 3rd version what is the screen/cage around the bowl?

yeswanth yesh says:

Where I can get that classic hookah? Looking to buy one whats your best choise (too pick best ) plz let me know ✌️

Lucky Yasuo says:

You improved so much from the past, 2017 and so on 🙂 Your videos

YourBoyChris says:

Can you put halls in your hookah base?

Baba Yaga Lounge says:

Great Video! Support from Germany 🙂

Omar Mohammad says:

Do smokezilla minya once

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