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What's in your hookah base 2 | Hookah tips (2020)

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One of our most requested videos are back, What’s in your Hookah base part 2. If you are thinking of standing out and want to pimp out your Hookah base here are some fresh tips that will definitely get your attention. These tricks are perfect for parties, clubs, or hookah lounges. Let us know if you have tricks of yourself. Hope you enjoy this quick video if you do don’t forget to hit that Like button. Also, Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel so you can stay up to date with our latest shows.

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#Hookah #DMZtv #Shisha

Co-Host: Kenny
Hookahs: Nube white one
Nube Blue Volt
Mya mini Robusto
Tobacco: Serbetli, Flow & Chaos
Coals: Le Orange

Trick#1: Blue powder

Trick#2: Diamonds

Trick#3: Lollipop

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Franco Sanchez says:


Bogdan U says:

Coool. Guys, what hmd are you using?

Peter Ness says:

Good to see Kenny back again!

Hookah Buzz says:

Seems DUTCH had a hookah out of a base of Red bull.. Super energy this time

Tu Maldita Madre says:

Hey I'm on YouTube again!!! Lol

snowojta says:

great one !

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