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Things to Do While Smoking Hookah

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Things to Do While Smoking Hookah

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Now that you’re relaxed with hookah hose in hand, what is there to do? Whether you choose to smoke hookah alone or blow clouds with friends, there are plenty of activities that pair well with hookah! We look at our favorite hookah pastimes for social gatherings, date night, solo hookah sessions and anything in between.

Nothing pairs better than hookah shisha and video games! Take a few puffs of Azure Rio Mint to celebrate a kill streak or enjoy your shisha while you sulk and wait for a respawn.

Put your hookah time to good use and work on your hookah smoke skills! There are so many different fancy smoke tricks out there, why not learn a few?

Once your hookah pipe has you fully relaxed, let your creative juices flow. Allow the zen-like state that your favorite shisha flavors put you in to help you create something new and exciting. Take hookah time to draw, write, paint or color in your favorite adult coloring book.

Age old traditions of Al-Fakher Hookah Tobacco and backgammon go hand in hand. This is what hookah culture is all about. Sitting around a board game, socializing with friends while puffing on your narguile.

With Halloween around the corner, it may be time to break out the scary movies and Fall Inspired Hookah Shisha Flavors. Even when it’s not spooky season, shisha and movies just makes sense. Lay back and enjoy your favorite flick while the hookah helps you loosen up after a long day.

No matter how you decide to smoke your hookah, it’s the right way. Always stay ready for any shisha activity with flavored tobacco and hookah accessories from


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