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The Oduman N3: Hookah Review (2016)

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ODUMAN N3 is a hookah which is uniquely designed. It is suitable for use anywhere. We have taken this hookah to parties and other social gatherings and it was alway the center of attention. If you’re looking for a superior hookah smoking experience, this is the Hookah to try ! Hope you enjoy this brief Hookah review. If you like the video please give us a like we would also like to hear from you so leave a comment and don’t forget to Subscribe !!!

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Accuracy says:

"Made in Turkey, that´s in Istanbul" Americans don´t know there countries

Gjergj Salihu says:

Ik heb gehoord dat de n3 snel kapot gaat is dat waar?

Serkan Celen says:

Hey Dutch i got the Gold
edition ✌️

Gerry Kandilis says:

I have a very important question,do you use 2 or 3 coals for the heat up and the smoking process?Thanks,hope you answer

Andrew Stables says:

Hi. Looking at purchasing this hookah pipe. I currently have a sahara vortex bowl. Will this fit the top of the oduman? Does the oduman come with a rubber grommet seal or will I need to buy this? Thanks

Bbaby Baby says:

What bowl and heat management size/ brand do you use? Im going to buy the N3 but I am new at this and don’t want to order the wrong accessories ☺️ halpppp

Radwan Siraj says:

Great video bro , just a quick question, do you always cut your tobacco with scissors , when I pack my bowl and put the lotus on top , the tobacco always sticks and burns at the bottom of the lotus , does this ruin the taste ?

efekay says:

i cant believe dutch has been working at dmz for a long time bro

lubna Haji says:

Is it available in UK?

Eleana Gavriel says:

8:27 bubbling

Sks says:

Can you please review the steamulation classic?

Deniz Øzbek says:

Dmz tv bu nargile icin oduman ignisi mi kullaniyorsunuz

Simon Nera says:

Thts alot of smoke for first draw itself

MD Islam says:

Does this guy need a lesson how to point camera?


Can u send it to me ??? I am from India???

Rubsi says:

absolute madlad lmao

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