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The newest version of Prometheus Hookahs

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Check out the newest version of Prometheus Hookahs. These made an appearance at Hookah Expo Worldwide and have just hit the shelves at HookahJohn.


XKSC_pr0xxy. says:

i hope i get the money to buy a hookah as your's. I need somebody to help me get it :'(

Wolf man says:

What is the price on one of those? They are currently out of stock at

Dancers Room says:

Hey john I'm from Pakistan I'm your big big fan I love you Hookas I love to have your hookah in my house in my country we don't have beautiful and great hookas like you have I need a Hooka from you kindly send a hookah a big hookah please

Linus Lundin says:

Hey John I'm a bit curious about one thing. Do you smoke hookah everyday, and if so how many a day?

Jezyka Canary says:

Beautiful pieces, love the compartmental aspect of the stem.

Igor Uzun says:

Looks good. Is it actually that loud? Straight up it’s one of the loudest ones I’ve heard haha, funny enough people in Russia complain about quiet hookahs being too quiet, with too little rumble. So it’s not that bubbling is a bad thing, but as John mentioned you really can start to notice it. Maybe it’s not a big deal, but just in case it is for some people – I’d suggest making the diffuser. You could be really creative with it, maybe complement the design of the hookah with it. Otherwise looks pretty good Basilious!

Striker Achievementhunter says:

Why all these us hookahs do not make a good amount of smoke ?

AbuOmar says:

I appreciate the fact that they make a thoughtfully crafted product. Seems to have love as well as a lot of thought put into it.

filthy dwarf says:

Volume too low

ajq1982 says:

Prometheus looks good but not as good as you sexy johnny baby!!

Frankie Ranallo says:

Lookin good. I love my Prometheus!

Karimi Karim says:

Can i get a free hookah always wanted to try it
please hookah john.

FakeTV says:

Hookah John my meeen

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