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The MIG Tradi Hookah…I had to take one for myself

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The MIG (Made in Germany) Tradi Hookah is one of my favorites from the MIG collection. These hookahs are well designed, perform excellent, and are heavier than most hookahs ever made.

I liked this traditional chambered hookah so much that I had to take one for myself.

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Zohaib Rajput says:

Dear Sir I am very fond of such hookah big size but I do not have the money, I can not buy Because i don't have that much money and i'm poor If you give me this gift, Allah will give you more lock sel number 03017462350 pakistan

Amar Nath says:

Sir I can talk to you i m worked from India and just tell me about how is your work because I wanna join and then any work for please you can tell me 9871479085 i m also sheesha maker and good mixers please i have a passport also

Rabar kamaran says:

I got one purge ball stick all the time .I stop using it

Saad Qureshi says:

Please send me contact number and calling what's app please

Saad Qureshi says:

I love this hookah john

Sheikh Hashim says:

Hi sir how are you? My name is Hashim Ali from multan Pakistan . I need this Hookah what's aa prise? And I like shisha.

Abusayeedak Abusayeedak says:

Sir I need this one same

sanad sanad says:

ما في منها ببلاد العرب

Harry Nelson says:

What does he say at 9:28????

muuce says:

At 11:20 you say the prices from the website but I’m seeing them on your site for $100 more, which is the right price?

christian goscha says:

I work in a brass manufacturing company and I'm kinda worried about the corrosion side of brass. It mainly happens in about a year. Is it coated with some protective polish to help it not corrode? And human hands also help the brass turn a brown color as well. Those r my only concerns. Other than that, it's a beautiful hookah!

Jason Myers says:

i carry a glock 17 everyday, Im not a cop or anything like that just have my carry permit for what its worth i think they are more dependable than just about any pistol that h&k puts out. Iv had h&k's thoughout the years and iv had other brands of firearms. Most people will agree depending on what generation we are talking about but the glocks are more dependable. Thats just me and my 2 cents. i know they isnt a gun video. just thought i would thow that out there…lol

MOSK Productions says:

km hookahs still my favorite

Ali Jaffery says:

Do you really like those hoses? I find a lot of ghosting issues with those.

FlameRock16 says:

Rage level over 9000 😀

Omar Emera says:

Dear HookahJohn

Thank you for sharing this valuable information with me,

Thank you
Hookah Omar

Keilem Young says:

purely aesthetic for $420 wow

Dancers Room says:

John I have a request I need a Hooka please give me I'm your old subscriber I never commented before I need a hookah give me any one but large one

Notorious B.I.G. JR says:

the combo of the MiG and the typical american bowl just looks soo wrong…please smoke your MiG Tradi with AF Two Apples or Grape Mint and try using some german bowls if you can, and btw for the modern MiGs try using so called Kamin (chimney)

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