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The end of Hookah Club Show 2020 by HookahJohn

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Hookah Club Show 2020 was truly an amazing event for the hookah community worldwide. Russia as a hookah culture has grown far beyond any region in the past few years.

I have to make this point, they had over 200 brands exhibiting, and I wish I could have covered them all, however, it is physically impossible.

I highly suggest you make a visit, and if you can’t travel internationally to one of these amazing hookah expos, you can always come to Las Vegas for Hookah Expo Worldwide, where we are bringing many hookah brands under one roof to engage with you , the hookah enthusiast.

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Hector Torres says:

I enjoyed your coverage of this show. Great videos!

معاذ says:

ممكن تعمل الفيديو عربي و انجليزي علشان اكثر المتابعين عرب

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