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The Culture of Hookah | An Exploration of History and Tradition

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Hookah, also known as Shisha, involves adults smoking a flavored tobacco from a water pipe in which they pass a hose and take a puff among family or friends. It centers around conversations and promotes a more connectedness among those participating. Hookah is deeply rooted in a cultural tradition that has been present throughout generations among Indian, Persian, Turkish, Egyptian and other Middle Eastern families. Its gesture is more than an entertaining social activity or means to relax, it’s a way that families, relatives, friends and business associates in these cultures provide hospitality and strengthen bonds with one another.
Learn more about the history and traditions of Hookah Culture in this video.
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Octavio Oro says:

Is good receipt for cancer. But hey enjoy you hookah. No offense

Ammar Rai says:

Tobacco is Tobacco is Tobacco… No, this is not some conspiracy from "Big Tobacco" to run "Small Tobacco" out of business. Since we're on the topic of "family" and "loved ones" then maybe we should be protecting them from getting lung cancer, asthma, and a host of other ailments. Shame on you people for supporting a societal ill.

Hookah Travel says:

Thank you very much for material

Indiana Jones says:

California claims to love immigrants yet from top to bottom they attack this wonderful culture glad to see a great video let’s cultivate our love of Hookah culture and protect our rights. If fast food is legal, weed, alcohol, prescription meds etc Hookah should be protected

Zachery Palmer says:

Great work! I could not agree more. I have made so many great friends, some of whom have become family, by smoking hookah. Hookah brothers and sisters will ALWAYS stand together.

nick bls says:

Very nice! Hookah Tobacco bans around the world is an insult and a way for cigarette companies to eliminate any competition.

The Hookah Rob says:

Great video!

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