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The KALOUD LOTUS PLUS HOOKAH HEAT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM has hit the market, with many new improvements and design changes.
Check out this in depth review by HookahJohn

You can purchase them here:

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IZ99 - says:

You’ve a nice watch, which brand is it?

Mike Fantos says:

How many coals of 25 mm diameter should I use in the Kaloud lotus I+? I just bought it. I used the amy smoke box which is smaller and so I could only use 2 charcoals of 25 mm diameter. Had problems with the 26 mm. Thanks and good job for the video.

UKVATO says:

When I smoke shisha I can’t taste the flavour any tips.

Devin Arroyo says:

Closed vents makes bigger clouds?

Whenwood says:

What’s the name of that hookah ?

Groovy 392 says:

Do you use foil w a lotus or does it get rid of that process completely and replace it?

Ant-Lord says:

Brought Hookah John Jr. to work with you? lmaoo

Sanjay Frank says:

Hey Hookah John, with this new diameter Kaloud Lotus, will my Limited Edition Ferris Phunnel Bowl still work?

Akram HH says:

Clay bowl cost less than 1 dollar and it gives best taste in Jordan

erikdawg60 says:

can someone tell me what the hell warped means, plus i bought a heat management device from amazon and its exactly the same as the lotus look and everything came with a bowl for 17.99 I'm super happy with it, saved money for more coals..only fools spend 50 bucks on lotus the smoke shop had it for 65 talk about a rip off

Hassan Sheta says:

The Tobacco Burns crazy quickly when I use it, how can I prevent that?

C.J. C.J. says:

Thanx for mentioning Russian style of putting coals in the Lotus, John. ☺️

Chaitanya Gharat says:

Mix watermelon and nightqueen

Eli Madrid says:

i like the provost

Hati RS says:

Does the new lotus fit with the vitria samsaris II?

KLX says:

guys start vaping, where you can actually taste the flavour. trust me i don't regret quitting hookah

Mister Thrice says:

I dig it!! Truly like the ridges, i use a stainless steel wire in a coil in my regular lotus to prevent the bases from blacking out. You can also put the coals over the vents inside and they dont black out. Its a nice device, if nothing else but to keep them from falling off if/when the hookah gets bumped.

Thanks for the vids hookah john!!

Виталий Кузнецов says:

Как можно засрать так колодку 😀

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