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Testing Budget Hookah Under $100 | Avion Stick | Tips & Review

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Today we have a discussion which involves inexpensive high quality product straight from Russia! With recent trends switching to Russian hookahs, Avion is a great entry to the US market! It is relatively inexpensive, has great functionality, and unique features!
Avion Stick is a simple minimalistic design hookah which really stands out in a crowd of overly engineered hookahs. Simple stick design makes this hookah unique and vertical purge system makes every purge an event that mesmerizes. Stick hookahs is the new trend that most of the companies try to follow, Some implementations fall short, but Avion hookah makes a great product with this Stick design. In case you want to step up your game, Stick is a great hookah option! Avion has more interesting offerings up the sleeve, but we will circle back to these options later!
The materials that are used are primarily hand polished Stainless Steel. No rust or flavor absorption would occur with this hookah. This hookah does not utilize traditional rubber grommets so the hose stays put in the hookah with 2 o rings that fit pretty snug. Overall quality of this hookah is great. Some retailers in Russia sells them for approximately $100 dollars with the import costs, local US retailers will probably charge around $150-200. Which is more than entry level hookah cost, but trust me, this hookah worth every penny!
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That MD Guy says:

What glass base is that that you used for the hookah? I would love to order that glass for my Avion Russian Stick

marcinus1101 says:

Great Video! Can you compare this hookah to MVP360/460, Dschinni Chucky and Cloud|Stick from Shishabucks?

Muzimbwa Simataa Dri says:

Where can I order this type of hookah?

Ron Sharma says:

I'm in north carolina where I can find this hookah let me know and how much cost of this hookah….

Alex bazzi says:

Authentic KM Classic hookah is my favorite, got another brass and stainless steel hookah from Egypt which is good but not perfect, and another regular Aluminum Alloy hookah imported from Lebanon which turned out to be very good but probably its life span would not be very long. Your videos are always informative and direct to the point.

Shafiq Manzoor says:

Which is the best brand for hookah and flavours in india forr hookah loungee any suggestions and also i want some detailed help in oder to make its taste better which is the place where i cn reach u

Julio2K says:

Me and my friend's wanna get the same hookah we leave in Greece. Any help where can i find it

erik230wd says:

hi where can finde one in california LA for buying?

Егор Евстратов says:

принт на кофте заебца)
п.с. обзор на английском языке подробнее, чем на русском))

Hamzeeh Athamneh says:

Wich is the best the german hookah quality or glass

woodynni says:

where can i find that base? or whats the name?

Александр Владимирович says:

Бля, я нихуя не понимаю по английски

Parth Patel says:

From where do I buy avion stick if I wanted to buy it?

FabioAndres04 says:

Do u know where i can buy this hookah in orlando fl or in a website of usa because i only found a russian website and i need to wait like 1 month for the shipping

uzairunited says:

Are those 4 purge balls secure? Seem like they would fall out if the stick is flipped for carrying/cleaning?

Madnessboy says:

Hi bro everytime when i use my square charcoals in a heat managment tool the charcoals will become black I use a plate 9 minutes 9 minutes other side plz help me

Smoove Criminal says:

Do you know where I can get one in the USA

Paul Silao says:

great review!

Jacobo Zayas says:

Great review, still tryna decide on a Russian hookah. This definitely helped expand my knowledge on it.

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