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Watch this quick video to learn how to pack Fumari (! We’ll be using a customer favorite: Ambrosia. Since Fumari is on the juicier side, we’ll be using a phunnel-style bowl which we believe gives [More]
Today we will be doing a first look on Shisha Tobacco Alternatives. For those that are afraid of smoking Hookah because of the tobacco and the Nicotine well here is the perfect video for you. [More]
Many people have been asking how to pack Zomo blond leaf in this video Tyler is going to walk you step by step and show you how to pack Zomo blond leaf for a better [More]
Hookah made its way to Nepal long ago and some elderly people are seen smoking it on a regular basis, the hookah they smoke is different from what is served as shisha in restaurants. The [More]
A simple unboxing and set up of a BYO HOOKAH using the SOPHIA SMOKES ACCESSORIES and ZOMO hookah tobacco! BYO HOOKAH (@byohookahs): – Use my discount code to get 10% OFF “sophiasmokes” SOPHIA SMOKES [More]
What tobacco is the best for me? In the industry that has more than 1000 different flavors from various brands it is easy to get lost and distracted. This post would give a little insight [More]
Search here for YOUR Hookah