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One of our most requested videos are back, What’s in your Hookah base part 2. If you are thinking of standing out and want to pimp out your Hookah base here are some fresh tips [More]
In today’s video we are going to review few hookahs of the company named «Nube Unique». There are 3 different models which we have today: «Junior», «Black One» and «Volt». ⁃ Hookah Nube Junior yellow [More]
I Hope You Guys Like This Video♥️ If you do make sure to subscribe to my channel and follow me on other platforms usernames are down below👇 Instagram – amzzyyyyyyyyy Snapchat – Itsamzzybitches Business [More]
Continuing our tips on scuba etiquette, what are the typical manners to follow with a new dive buddy? Alec shares tips on how to be courteous around new divers and leave with a reputation others [More]
There are many Hookah Ice Hoses and Ice tips on the market today, how do you know which one is best for you? In this video we break down 3 of the major players in [More]
In todays discussion we will go over best ways to pack the bowl and what is the best way to pack a bowl for smokiness and for flavor. Without further ado, let’s get to it. [More]
These are a couple of my personal tips i have found since smoking more and more that help me! Felt i should share!
There is no one perfect way to packing any hookah bowl that will guarantee a perfect smoke because all bowls are different and not all tobaccos are the same but one thing is certain and [More]
What’s in your Hookah base is one of the most asked questions. On today’s show we will finally share the secret with all our followers and friends. There are many things you can use to [More]
#hookah #Avion #review Today we have a discussion which involves inexpensive high quality product straight from Russia! With recent trends switching to Russian hookahs, Avion is a great entry to the US market! It is [More]
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