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Hookah Club Show 2020 was truly an amazing event for the hookah community worldwide. Russia as a hookah culture has grown far beyond any region in the past few years. I have to make this [More]
OK, so the title sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s true. For 6 years we have been making hookah bowls, by hand, using American Clay, in the US. Other companies have decided to capitalize on [More]
Вова Минуллин решил тряхнуть стариной и не упускать традицию рассказать нашим зрителям об одной из крупнейших выставок кальянной индустрии Hookah Club Show. Наши соц сети: Подкаст: YouTube:… Vk: Apple: [More]
Ура! Обзор кальянной выставки HOOKAH CLUB SHOW 2020! Вот мы и посмотрим как это было, что нового появилось на рынке и как поставил “ТОПОВЫЙ” стенд. Десятки производителей угля, табака и кальянов в Санкт-Петербурге на HCS2020 [More]
Ferro Hookahs is undoubtedly one of Russia’s finest hookahs. I got a chance to speak with one of the owners for a bit. You can purchase these here: Thanks for watching and supporting HookahJohn. [More]
You live in USA and you want to buy some products of russian hookah industry? Lets go to our web site – PITERSMOKE.COM : Subscribe Brandon’s instagram: Are you interesting in partnership? Want [More]
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