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In today’s video, we are showing you a product that has not been released yet. Guess where it was sent from? You probably know, but watch the video to see the whole story! If you [More]
In today’s video we are going to review few hookahs of the company named «Nube Unique». There are 3 different models which we have today: «Junior», «Black One» and «Volt». ⁃ Hookah Nube Junior yellow [More]
In this video we are introducing Oduman Monster High-end Glass and Stainless Steel Hookah / Shisha. This Hookah comes with a Stylish Water Resistance Bag, Stainless Steel Smoke column Stainless Steel Down Stem, Immersion tube [More]
Hello family , I’m geetam chopra 18 years old kid making interesting Vlogs in Hindi . Toh ap sabhi ka swagat hai iss video mei guys meine aapko iss video mei Cheapest hookah shop ke [More]
Watch Paul’s review of Mazaya Peach shisha (hookah) tobacco. If you’ve smoked Mazaya Peach flavor, please take a few moments and share your own review with everyone else too. We’d also love to see you [More]
In this video we are introducing Portable Tumbler Hookah. Check the video to know more about Portable Tumbler Hookah. Get to know about any kind of MYA Hookah, Alshan’s hookah and other branded hookah in [More]
In this video we are introducing Bowl Screen / Chillum Plate for your Hookah. It is a best alternative for aluminium foil and kaloud too. Get to know about any kind of MYA Hookah, Alshan’s [More]
ODUMAN N3 is a hookah which is uniquely designed. It is suitable for use anywhere. We have taken this hookah to parties and other social gatherings and it was alway the center of attention. If [More]
Today we would like to let you know about our experience with Wookah hookahs. We all know that there is a base version and special wood series versions. Should you buy a whole wood version? [More]
Today we’re taking a look at the Anahi Odyssey glass hookah, and we definitely made some thunder clouds. This glass hookah has a tank style design, and it stands at 13″ tall with a 12″ [More]
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