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Just kidding.. trying to act like a pro🤫 Had a night out with girl friends and tried smoking shisha.. it was fun!
This video walks you through how to set up a shisha or hookah. A detailed walkthrough on how Moa Smokes sets up his session. What you’ll need: a shisha/hookah, a hose, grommets, a bowl/head, a [More]
#carhookah #cheapesthookahindelhi #shisha3sixty Shisha 3sixty presents a Brand New Car Hookah. Today Shisha 3sixty introduce the new car hookah which is portable and you use in your car when you drive your car its one [More]
Comedy skit!!! Please share.. like and leave comments… follow me on social media too fam!! 💯💪🏾💯
in this hookah tutorial ill be showing you guys how to not only smoke hookah but like a boss!! also do’s and dont’s of the hookah. like comment share and subscribe! INTRO Song: Subscribe [More]
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