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We are all fans of Starbuzz and the innovations they have brought to the hookah market worldwide. You are familiar with the Starbuzz American Made Hookahs that came out a few years back, right? Well [More]
I cant say enough about this newest installment in the xfunction hookah line ! I finally got my hands on it and put it through the paces! I breakdown the entire hookah and give some [More]
Ferro Hookahs is undoubtedly one of Russia’s finest hookahs. I got a chance to speak with one of the owners for a bit. You can purchase these here: Thanks for watching and supporting HookahJohn. [More]
Amira Hookahs are flying off the retail shelves these days. Today we take a look at their new Osaka and Midori Models. These Elegant Hookahs come with a wood accented stem to go along with [More]
In this review we cover some of the newest Starbuzz creations, eat pizza, and have good time.
New Khalil Mamoon Hookahs at Hookahjohn. Also, a special happy birthday to a close friend of mine. Check the details on these KM Hookahs that just hit the market. Thanks for watching and supporting HookahJohn. [More]
HookahJohn Releases New line of hookahs. These are Egyptian, Syrian, and Turkish inspired hookahs. These are great hookahs and the pricing is right. Add one to your collection, or, just enjoy the video. Be sure [More]
I was in Moscow this past weekend at John Calliano Christmas Sale, and it was an amazing experience. Thanks to the hospitable Russians for their super advanced hookah culture. Watch some of the the goodies [More]
Hi Guys!! I am Kanishk Jain I Live in DELHI I am just a teenager like you guys, this is my journey vlogged in this channel Stay Tuned for moree!! . . . . . [More]
Today in Exotic Hookahs we Bring you Citrus with our Hookah master Chris and our wonder Co-Host Stefanie. Citrus is not only zesty, juicy and delicious, but citrus fruits are also loaded with healthy goodness. [More]
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