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In this video we are introducing Oduman Monster High-end Glass and Stainless Steel Hookah / Shisha. This Hookah comes with a Stylish Water Resistance Bag, Stainless Steel Smoke column Stainless Steel Down Stem, Immersion tube [More]
Let’s begin with our most popular new model – it’s our new Mini Angel this is a beautiful 22-inch handmade Egyptian Hookah it’s small but extremely powerful Mini Angel comes along with Egyptian bowl, glass [More]
MIG is quickly becoming a favorite among American hookah smokers. MIG stands for Made in Germany and is probably the best crafted German Hookah. Take a look. Thanks for watching and supporting HookahJohn. Be sure [More]
Here are the top 8 best and most popular hookah brands in 2018. 1. Evolution 2. Starbuzz 3. Khalil Mamoon 4. Mya 5. Lavoo 6. Al-Fakher 7. Unity 8. Sahara Smoke We’ve created the list [More]
17″ Oasis – 21″ Divine – 27″ Skyline
Check out these fantastic High quality Pharaohs Skull Glow in the Dark Hookahs! In a world of cheaply made novelty Hookahs, Pharaohs sets itself apart by bringing a unique design, with the great quality we [More]
The MIG X Series are just so beautiful and such exceptional works of art. I will do a follow up video on them later. HookahJohn will be displaying and running every MIG model at Hookah [More]
While in Russia last year I discovered several hookah brands. I chose a few that are actually manufactured in Russia, not just Chine hookahs branded in Russia. One of the absolute best ones are from [More]
Check out our new LED Cube Hookahs @ House of Hookah. Awesome price and comes with a remote control for the LED lights. Comparable hookahs retail for as much as $250, we have it for [More]
Check out the newest version of Prometheus Hookahs. These made an appearance at Hookah Expo Worldwide and have just hit the shelves at HookahJohn.
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