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Hookah Club Show 2020 was truly an amazing event for the hookah community worldwide. Russia as a hookah culture has grown far beyond any region in the past few years. I have to make this [More]
This is a beginner’s guide to setting up a hookah. Experienced hookah smokers will not need this…unless they just love/hate HookahJohn. We will be discussing how to set up a basic hookah, tobacco brands, and [More]
In this episode of HookahJohn’s Back to Basics, I cover different models of Hookahs. Thanks for watching, HookahJohn Remember to join us at HookahJohn’s Circle of Friends on Facebook.
The new Hookah D Hose is now available at hookahjohn. It features a lab glass 7 inch handle, with a 70 inch over all length. It is dishwasher safe and uses medical grade materials. This [More]
Art Hookah is another glass hookah maker. The owners are from Russia and brought their popular glass hookah here to the US. Check out the in depth look at Art Hookah, which will be available [More]
MIG is quickly becoming a favorite among American hookah smokers. MIG stands for Made in Germany and is probably the best crafted German Hookah. Take a look. Thanks for watching and supporting HookahJohn. Be sure [More]
This in depth video shows a great way of making a hookah fruit bowl. I saw this done at a tobacco expo last week and wanted to share this with you. Featuring the owner of [More]
For the Arabic viewers that have requested this, here you go.
Ferro Hookahs is undoubtedly one of Russia’s finest hookahs. I got a chance to speak with one of the owners for a bit. You can purchase these here: Thanks for watching and supporting HookahJohn. [More]
HookahJohn Releases New line of hookahs. These are Egyptian, Syrian, and Turkish inspired hookahs. These are great hookahs and the pricing is right. Add one to your collection, or, just enjoy the video. Be sure [More]
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