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In this video we are introducing Oduman Monster High-end Glass and Stainless Steel Hookah / Shisha. This Hookah comes with a Stylish Water Resistance Bag, Stainless Steel Smoke column Stainless Steel Down Stem, Immersion tube [More]
The new Hookah D Hose is now available at hookahjohn. It features a lab glass 7 inch handle, with a 70 inch over all length. It is dishwasher safe and uses medical grade materials. This [More]
Art Hookah is another glass hookah maker. The owners are from Russia and brought their popular glass hookah here to the US. Check out the in depth look at Art Hookah, which will be available [More]
Today we’re taking a look at the Anahi Odyssey glass hookah, and we definitely made some thunder clouds. This glass hookah has a tank style design, and it stands at 13″ tall with a 12″ [More]
In today’s video, we are going to review Art Hookah (Glass Hookah) and particularly model Art Hookah Temple 45. Uniqueness of this hookah is that it’s fully made of glass which giving you different taste [More]
Al Fakher has introduced a new version of their glass hookah which comes with a nice carrying case. In addition, check out the accessories while HookahJohn gives a couple of pro tips for hookah smokers. [More]
Hi everyone! Numerous requests to make a simple but effective hookah without using a large number of tools, came the idea to make a glass hookah. The glass vessel is taken from the building glass [More]
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