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Today’s show is a double feature first look of the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah. This is a Hookah and a Bong all at the same time and using gravity with modern technology. So it is a [More]
Today we will be doing a first look on Shisha Tobacco Alternatives. For those that are afraid of smoking Hookah because of the tobacco and the Nicotine well here is the perfect video for you. [More]
On today’s show, we take a first look at the Fumo Jar Hookah. Fumo is known for coming out with modern luxury glass hookahs and the Fumo Jar design is out of this world. Hope [More]
We are back again with a First look at the Hoob Mars Black Mini Hookah, a true beast of a Hookah !!! Hoob is known for making amazing modern style Hookahs, and are made from [More]
On today’s show we take a first look at the ATH L Steel Hookah. This Hookah is also known as the Lounge Stainless steel Hookah from Adalya. This Hookah has a very elegant design with [More]
Other video you would enjoy ALMOST ARRESTED IN MIAMI. CELEBRATING MY BEST FRIENDS BIRTHDAY 🎉 🧚🏽‍♂️STEPS BELOW🧚🏽‍♂️ Hey loves. I know this vid was short. I have another one with more details coming your [More]
here’s me smoking a cigarette for the first time.
On today’s show we have an amazing surprise of exclusive first Impressions of the New Oduman Hookah products. Introducing the Oduman Monster Hookah, Oduman Lightsaber, Oduman Ignis Revo and Oduman Carbo-One. These are amazing new [More]
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