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In today’s video, we are showing you a product that has not been released yet. Guess where it was sent from? You probably know, but watch the video to see the whole story! If you [More]
If you are a Starbuzz smoker like me, and you have the money, buy it! soo worth it! Check out my friends Music! (He made the beat in my intro)
In this video we are introducing Nano Kaloud. It has a raised interior of the base plate prevents your coals from ever blacking out and make dense smoke with the use of one charcoal only. [More]
This in depth video shows a great way of making a hookah fruit bowl. I saw this done at a tobacco expo last week and wanted to share this with you. Featuring the owner of [More]
In this video we are introducing Bowl Screen / Chillum Plate for your Hookah. It is a best alternative for aluminium foil and kaloud too. Get to know about any kind of MYA Hookah, Alshan’s [More]
In this video we are introducing Ceramic Chillum with Wind Cap & Bowl Screen. This ceramic chillum has a wind cover and chillum screen that totally replace your aluminium foil and kaloud head management system. [More]
Shop our store here: Save 15% on your next order by using the discount code HOOKAHYOUTUBE15! The Electronic Hookah e-Head from Square is a device that is filled with e-liquid, and used atop your [More]
In todays discussion we will go over best ways to pack the bowl and what is the best way to pack a bowl for smokiness and for flavor. Without further ado, let’s get to it. [More]
There is no one perfect way to packing any hookah bowl that will guarantee a perfect smoke because all bowls are different and not all tobaccos are the same but one thing is certain and [More]
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