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Shop Address – Defence Colony Main Market 6 Block 28/4 Phone NO – 8377081611 Border Tension Between India & China – Business Email id – My Instagram – abhiisshek__ Facebook – Abhiicon Best [More]
Affordable Hookah on Amazon:- Better Hookah on Amazon:- Better Hookah on Amazon:- Hookah Flavors (Pack of 5) on Amazon ₹ 423:- Charcoal for Hookah – 2 Rolls:- Hookah Kloud for [More]
In today’s video we are going to review few hookahs of the company named «Nube Unique». There are 3 different models which we have today: «Junior», «Black One» and «Volt». ⁃ Hookah Nube Junior yellow [More]
This is the holly grail of Double Apple. Paul calls it a damn fine Double Apple. It’s a mix of Shisha Fruits Green Apple + Shisha Fruits Red Apple + Al Fakher Double Apple. Leave [More]
This hookah product is known as Lotus Kaloud. An amazing heat management system which makes you get rid of using Hookah Aluminium Foil. This product can work with all kind of shisha bowls. But it [More]
Hello & welcome dosto ek baar phir se aapka swagat hai aapke apne youtube channel THE SHEESHA KING me’………………….. Guys aaj hum discuss karenge best hookah pipe ke baare me Aur check karenge mya pipe [More]
Hey all sheesha lovers, we are sharing a great tool for you which is very much helpful generating dense smoke immediately during the start of a hookah session. After trying this out you need not [More]
In this video we are introducing Nano Kaloud. It has a raised interior of the base plate prevents your coals from ever blacking out and make dense smoke with the use of one charcoal only. [More]
This in depth video shows a great way of making a hookah fruit bowl. I saw this done at a tobacco expo last week and wanted to share this with you. Featuring the owner of [More]
In this video we are introducing MYA Aluminum Long Handle Hose. This pipe made of only the highest quality leather and the aluminum handle hose is easy to hold that gives you dense smoke as [More]
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