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Today’s show is a double feature first look of the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah. This is a Hookah and a Bong all at the same time and using gravity with modern technology. So it is a [More]
Hookah Club Show 2020 was truly an amazing event for the hookah community worldwide. Russia as a hookah culture has grown far beyond any region in the past few years. I have to make this [More]
One of our most requested videos are back, What’s in your Hookah base part 2. If you are thinking of standing out and want to pimp out your Hookah base here are some fresh tips [More]
Toronto Records Presenting New Punjabi Song 2020 named Shisha Song which is Also Known As Smoke and Hookah. We can all the name of this Song as Hookah Song. This Song is For Hookah Lovers [More]
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In today’s video we are going to review few hookahs of the company named «Nube Unique». There are 3 different models which we have today: «Junior», «Black One» and «Volt». ⁃ Hookah Nube Junior yellow [More]
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Какой кальян выбрать в 2020 году? Пожалуй самый часто задаваемый вопрос у нас в коментариях. Сегодня в выпуске, мы расскажем про наш топ 11 кальянов, которые рекомендуем к покупке в 2020 году! Видео обязательно к [More]
On today’s show of Hip-Hop and Hookah Celebrity edition, we have special guest Writer/Artist Cristion D’or from New York. Cristion D’or is a big-time Hookah lover who always is seen smoking Hookah in all his [More]
Today we will be doing a first look on Shisha Tobacco Alternatives. For those that are afraid of smoking Hookah because of the tobacco and the Nicotine well here is the perfect video for you. [More]
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