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Stündenglass Gravity Hookah | First Look (2020)

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Today’s show is a double feature first look of the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah. This is a Hookah and a Bong all at the same time and using gravity with modern technology. So it is a pretty long video because there is much to go over but we did have lots of fun shooting this video I must say. Hope you enjoy this quick video if you do don’t forget to hit that Like button. Also, Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel so you can stay up to date with our latest shows.

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Sagar Bhandari says:

Can we buy this hukka from nepal

DGFuze ODG says:

Love the content, just get yourself a proper microphone and the content gon be next level.

bright love says:

Please I really want help from you and also your other YouTube friends
Have been saying this and no one want to listen to me which it’s very bad
I have some ideas and want us to work with but no one want to talk with me
Please reply me or text me on WhatsApp +233205819437
Am in Africa ghana but still don’t rate me down because this is serious

brianna says:

Have you tried pure tobacco

Ari Dadash says:


Angie Santana says:

IG : Yoursztrulyxox__ #MyaFUnFridays

Domanic G. says:

lol they just stole the rig from seth rogan and instead of weed they just slapped the hooka bowl on it and a hose

Alex Gutierrez says:

Love your vids! Quick question – I have recently begun to experience very harsh smoke 10-15 minutes into my session. I usually use a funnel bowl with a Lotus on top and 3 coco coals…do you know why that may be the case? I was thinking maybe two much heat? I also wrap my funnel bowl with 2 strips of aluminum foil so I’m not sure what may be the case…

Donald Johnson says:

love your videos man i am so getting this you along with oth youtubers have taught me alot about hookahs keep up the great work

Peter Ness says:

Damn! It gives pretty nice dense clouds

Andreas Juice says:

if I dont see Demarco in the next video I am unsubscribing

kaan kocak says:

That isn't a hookah!!!

Blake MDCCCXXVII says:

Dutch looks baked around 10 min mark, CBD okay

Jay Ospina says:

Tha ganja! It was a matter of time before you did one of this vids, congrats, good job on the disclaimers. However you said "if its legal in your state" remember you are being watch worldwide!
Good vid, entertaining and educational.

Hookah Buzz says:

Dutch sounds so energetic today

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