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Starbuzz Chiller American Hookah

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Hookahjohn compares the standard Starbuzz American Hookah to the new Starbuzz American Chiller Hookah.

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Fahad Tariq says:

Nice video but why do your coals look as if they have fungus? I see them in all your videos. Which coals are those? How long do they last?

jason21jburg says:

You guys ship worldwide ?

manan mamed says:

I Am 11 years old and i make a hookah to my parentes

Eric says:

Your clouds are weak

Eric says:

I put ice in my water also I have used milk I heard milk makes the clouds denser

MillennialMoneyHacks says:

Good morning y’all , I created a YouTube channel where I will be reviewing several different hookah setups and breaking down a lot of how I personally like to smoke. Right now I have 1 video, but non related to hookah. Feel free to give me a sub. I will be sure to sub back.

Kevin Lopez says:

Na yall need backwood

Nitin Kaura says:

hi John, thanks for so many informative videos. Can you please do a informative video on choosing Purge balls – types, size, how much tight it should, purpose of having it on hookah ? thank you

Gene Davis says:

I'm still kinda new to the hookah game but I seen a chiller bowl and was wondering if there will be a different in it

ذيب شمري says:

I want you to drink

Ajet Sela says:

those clouds are weak
maby bequase he overpacks the bowl

Carlos Raygoza says:

John smokes like a bitch

Joey Burns says:

I got one that shisha Hookah but it's A Big Shit though


One Word

Jason Chiu says:

Ice tropical(from al marjan) is the true mint flavor-give that a review or try. Shout out all the way from South Africa

Jair Bolsonaro says:

Que narguilé fodas

julieeah paahana says:

where can i get the pink and purple hose ???

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