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Square e-Head Electronic Hookah Bowl Review

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The Electronic Hookah e-Head from Square is a device that is filled with e-liquid, and used atop your traditional hookah. Still producing huge smoke clouds, and with variable voltage for optimal smoking sessions, this electronic hookah bowl gives you the pleasures of hookah without the tobacco.



Tom Hola says:

This is fucking vape wtf

Jeandre F says:

How the hell do you change the airflow? It smoked like a blocked pipe

Alexander Koker says:

What's the lowest voltage?

2лайки says:

Цэ ж тупо вейп

HeavyIzThaCrown - says:

“And I said: hell to tha nawww to the naww naww nawwwwwww HELL TO THE NAW!”

Elias Salameh says:

what is the charger voltage for e-head please ?

Dahlia Swaby says:

How long does the battery last?

anonymous says:

Why don't they make one that you can put real shisha in? This would eliminate the biggest nuisance with shisha. Eliminate coal marks on furniture and carpets. Eliminate 5-10min startup time it takes to light up coconut coals.

Illegal Seagull says:

Literally not a hookah anymore its a vape

Cannagaea TV says:

This looks great for vaping CBD!

w5r zin says:

كم سعره

JiZz2Xtreme says:

This is cool but kinda pointless. Defeats the purpose of an actual Hookah

Jugal Chokshi says:

How's the experience?? How's over heating if chained vape??

Prem Ramesh Jethmalani says:

How can I get this stuff.. like what is the price for this

Wissam Katat says:

Do you have to change the head? If it's like other e-cigs there should be a replacement coil head which burns out over time. What type of coils does it use and where to get them?

Élie Abou Rjeily says:

Taste like shit and taste like fake. This is a hookah smoker enemy.

Fiocchi says:

I have one and its fuckin ass. Waste of money

Marlenis Rodriguez says:

whats the charger size ????

Summer Bk says:

Why use that ! The way to smoke it is coals !

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