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Solventless Conversations – Cali Hash 02

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Mike & Joe from Cali Hash stopped by the studio to sit down with Peter & Frederick.

This video is part 02 of 02.

Part 01:

Quasar bowl review.

Boveda –


southpaw sudz says:

Where is the quasar sold in canada

Andrew Lee says:

And the “entourage effect” (terps modulating the cannabinoids) is basically being proven to be bullshit… a mix of aromatherapy and placebo. People need to stop repeating shit they hear just to sound knowledgeable in this industry. And the older dude needs to stop butting in and changing topics.

Andrew Lee says:

Dude in the white shirt is cringe af and keeps interrupting people.

Public BudCasting says:

Were on east coast, it amazes me the frenchie method isnt nearly as popular as the hash rosin.
We run both at our shop. Though the more you guys talk about it on west coast more we listen on the other side. These are great.
Thank you!

C H R I S T O P H E R W O L F says:

8:49 wait a second…man next to the last to use the tincture thinks "he didn't pass it to me…asshole".

Isaac says:

Nice content! You have a new subscriber. Oh by the way, have a look at SMZeus! It’s a great tool to have when your trying to grow your social media or promote your videos!!

Game Changer says:

papas and marys got the bomb 1:1 oil

Tom Rozier says:


macspud28 says:

Hash yoghurt for the stone.

macspud28 says:

Doing cold water extraction in the desert. Must have smoked too much before coming up with that plan. Let's go somewhere roasting hot with no water! lol.

Jason says:

I make killer bubble in canada and need a job lol

Frederick Deal says:

I enjoyed hearing calihash talk about there product. I would love to see more from calihash

Michael Robison says:

Hey guys have you checked out these leds they are a must see

The Dude says:

I've watch this dude speak several times on several videos and he always hogs the joint/pipes . Idt I've ever seen him pass it. SMH…

Rows Of Green says:

I make some good hash videos as well, I’m having a huge GIVEAWAY ON MY CHANNEL.
Send over some subscribers so we can get this off.

punkleruckus says:

Can I get some more info about the guy's Persian yogurt? I live in East Bay, CA. Wondering if I can get some?

punkleruckus says:

I like that the one guy was actually honest about the Quasar, while all the others were just trying so hard to act like salesmen. After watching all of them attempt to smoke from it, I would never consider buying one of those things. Even for a "party" scenario with other growers. Nice video. Mr. Spain just talks over everyone and hijacks the entire video with his opinion. Would've been nice to have a more even distribution of talking.

big chew says:

I want a gram off Each.

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