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Smoking my new Rök hookah + giving away all my clothes | Vlogmas #2

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Hey guys.. another Vlog. Trying to bring you guys into my daily life more often. These are my typical days and since im not doing an official vlogmas I wanted to so vlogmas countdown lol. The lazy way!

Also, if you are a Hookah smoker and want to get the same hookah as me, which I do recommend they are amazing… you can order its on their website:

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Lazo Tovi says:

You look like kim kardashian

Mullah DoPiazza says:

Very happy to see you smoking. Encourage all your friends and relatives. Enjoy.

Piper Rockelle Updates says:

She look like shes pat of the Kardashians

Oaoaoaoaoao Babababababa says:

I love you!!!
Its a love letter to you
I really love you so much i too love your sister!!we spent our night together i love you beacuse you dont use drugs hookha and you dont even drink alchole i love you lips!!!!i wanna kiss you!!!i love you sweetheart!!!!

ZIya Malik says:

U r not hukka lover because u have no coal heater!

Ferry says:

Chand saleteh?

Ferry says:

Areh ghadima to iran hajiah mikeshidan pira haha alon dige jawona modesh kardan

Ferry says:

Eh irani hasti? Salam manam iraniam habahaha

Ferry says:

Where do you live? You seem like a awesome person to talk with

Ferry says:

When i smoke hookah i watch your video and it feels like if you smoke with me haha

Ferry says:

Yay i also dont smoke anything else hookah is also big part of my life i have a big one in home i smoke it once 2 days nice vlogs you have dear

kot w herbacie says:

I'm Polish but I searched for "persian hookah" and found this video, you are so damn cute lol I might have to look into Persian culture now

K Bandz says:

Hookah trash it’s not even bussin

ace3312 says:

Cool but can I put my weed in it

xstarbritex says:

what flavor do you smoke?? i wish they had hookahs like that in dubai! i need to be on the lookout for an all glass one

S says:

I loove your volgs so much!! I´m persian/swedish and it would have been fun if we could hear you speak a little swedish? / xoxo

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