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SIMPLE trick for DENSE SMOKE – You MUST watch this!

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Jake Paul? Donald Trump?? MICROSOFT PAINT??? Nope, this video is about none of those things.😂 Learn how to do Mouth to lung Hit, Direct Lung hit and mouth fagging.

I do get asked about the above things but i dont answer them on my youtube channel!😂😂
A while back i got asked how to inhale and exhale smoke properly.
i have explained each and every method of inhaling smoke/vapor in this video.

I’m using the stratus 3000 in this video

hope this video helps you in making bigger & denser clouds.
keep vaping!
Using the DL Hit Method, you can do many smoke tricks, MF Method will help you combine many tricks.

thanks for watching guys! LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! it takes alot of effort to film these!🤗🤗


DivPiv says:

yo guys did you know these three types of techniques?

Shavez Zuberi says:

Bhai video hindi me banaya kero

Tiba A says:

How do you get a big hit tho?

Teen Fighter says:

When i smoke my durrys I do mouth to lung

Snu Brnd says:

Awesome video

Ismoil Jumayev says:

Zo'r ekan aka daxshat

lemon greap says:

مادري ليش احسك عربي

bbvn bnv says:

I have a serious question. I'm really sick right now after doing mouth to lung hits on a real shisha (not vaporizer) for over 20 hours, over the span of 5 days and my face completely changed, my bones crack and it's been months and I'm still sick. Did I do something horribly wrong?

Mr. Moto 214 says:

Too much talking.

P 13ANDA says:

Where you get that

P 13ANDA says:

What is that

sas tv says:

Less talkin

silverss onyoutube says:

Mouth fagging is like smoking a cigar

Jeremiah Wibberding says:

"simple" trick

Hema Wahi says:

chl oye fudu.

Sixth Lord says:

Nothing to do with making more dense vapor…

Shashwat Prasad says:

You look like superstar hashvardhan kapoor

Dyl wants j’s says:

yioooo did he fart at 2:392:40?

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