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Neun_Drei says:

Yeah, my name is mentioned in this video on 7:47 . Great times.

jakejake says:

do you not move the coal then?

Darth Masher says:

Why the last time i set up my hooka, when me and my friends was trying to smoke the smoke was too strong!! like a 13 inch cigarrete, we iven have to stop smoking

jeandsl123456789 says:

nice video 😀 congratulations

Batata Quente says:

The name is Breakdown from Jack Johnson
see u 😀

Obs : from brazil HeHe

pi4zinhu says:

track name ?

paultorres says:

thats wat she said

Luke Messmer says:

Try it, makes the flavor better. Unless you have a phunnel, its your best option

Lucas Scrovi Jurado says:

my god
very good
I did not know this trick of the ring
I will start using


valterta says:

Kct, mas que paciência…é quase uma arte…..rsss

lucas chavatta says:

Muito bom a ideia do anel… vo tentar na proxima vez… belo arguile tambem ?

StonedhawK says:

looks cool hehe

Gmork13 says:

doesn't matter how boring or "exciting" looking a hookah is as long as it smokes well. But yeah, I prefer my Mya Obelisk to that hookah :D.

Czerwonymike says:

what a boring hookah

makajan says:

is that al fakher tobaco ???

Murked512 says:

What's the name of this song?

Masa Faka says:

cooles video .. aber das mit dem extra alu ring is überflüssig

Johnson Pham says:

Its middle eastern. Asian is more like India, Russia, china and the other eastern areas.

moises valiente says:

man, this IS chillin'


Tyler Splazer says:

i just bought my first hookah!!

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