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Shisha Tobacco Alternatives | First Look (2020)

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Today we will be doing a first look on Shisha Tobacco Alternatives. For those that are afraid of smoking Hookah because of the tobacco and the Nicotine well here is the perfect video for you. You can even Mix your regular tobacco with these shisha products to get a less intake of nicotine. Hope you enjoy this quick video if you do don’t forget to hit that Like button. Also, Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel so you can stay up to date with our latest shows.

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Big shout out to Foreign Teck for coming out to the Studio.
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Armin Murić says:

What is CBD?

brianna says:

Have y’all tried haze Khalil moon Fantasia or halo shisha

Alaa Yousef says:

I missed a lot

Curdled ABX says:

Question, does tobacco free sheesha have or decreased risk for lung cancer?

Hasan GÖL says:

Are you satisfied about your ath bowl ? Is any aroma left in bowl after the smoking ? Love your vids man. I hope your channel grow fast 😀 Greetings from Turkey.

Total Trash says:

Urth Tree can hit or miss. Had the pistachio and creme flavor, tasted like a biscotti decent but lacking in clouds. Hydro herbal give better cloud and better flavor.

Carlos Ramos says:

What hookah is the one on the left

Fahed Awwad 0473 says:

Yo dmz boys can you do a vid on shisha must have accessories?

Psycho J says:

I've seen so many videos of this. You know, it would be awesome to apply a job on these videos just by out smoking the ringleader in the DMZ shirt. He could pick the time, place, hookah, shisha, coals, and in the end he would pass out from the hookah sickness while I stay sane. Also my alternative hookah shisha I use is the Adalya flavors, mostly Love 66. Too bad it doesn't let me see instant love at first sight.

KABOOM says:

Sensei what vast knowledge you bring us today

Kashif Elahi says:

What's the heat shield thing on the hookah Dutch is using? Anyone know what it's called?

Jamshed Ali says:

Quite informative. Kindly make a video on the gel based and steam stone based herbal flavours by the brands like Sophies and Hydro.

B.C. #Blvd Classics #Brougham Life says:

Thanks for the input on point and Andy as well been watching for a short while

Asad Ali says:

Ayeeee love this content

kowshik r.v cowsh says:

Good to see again my brother after 3 months have wonderful future brother I'm a big big big big big big big fun of you …???

Alex says:

Great video, fun to watch.

FutureGen Beats says:

Bubbly Shisha from Canada is the real deal! Of all the herbal Shisha I've had, Bubbly is the closest flavour and cloud wise to tobacco. I reviewed the Double Apple and Watermelon Mint on my Instagram ShishagramAustralia

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