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Shisha cafe

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Behind the scenes at a shisha (hookah) cafe in London.

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Yousef says:

Were can I get flavours in the UK bro plz

Greta Salman says:

I love the tourist guys who attend these hookah joints, they’re so sexy.

Ibrahim Somali says:

What is the name of the place , i might go there after pandemic stop.

Odyssey says:

music used?

underground AlienSoul says:

Taste like ..nom nom foil

Obidah Halabi says:

Not even wearing gloves bro wtf?!?

Arshia Naderi says:

Cheap hookah, cheap flavour, cheap clay head, cheap foil. As a rule of thumb, if your hookah is half decent you shouldn't need 5 coals to get smoke out of it.

Ishmail Rafiq says:

Giving the UK a bad rep, this is by far the worst hookah lounge in the UK, my guy can't even prep a bowl properly (it's overpacked), he's used way to many coals and the vibe is kinda dead still.

Kushal Gurung says:

Which flavor this one

bts's and jyp's trash says:

yo im from Bosnia and hookah is really popular there and i smoke it every day and i know how to make really good hookah and thats not how u make one

F F says:

You forgot to add a little bit more tobacco, its to less

Jeremy Sebastian says:

Buat nyabu :v

Florian Wagner says:

If you reduce the distance between the tobacco and the coals, you wouldnt need 5 coals. But then the tobacco will burn because of the way the bowl was packed. Or you go with a full contact setup but not with this type of bowl.

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