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Scuba dive tankless

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AirBuddy is a floating, battery-powered air compressor that delivers freshly pressurized surface air to a diver so they don’t have to wear heavy scuba gear.



Kent Sellote says:

How much,how can i order

logan anaya says:

Fawk this company its literally over 1000$, u could make my own air compressor waterproof it and put it on a bouy….. i hate companies like this

Fiyinfunoluwa Ojerinola says:

Watch the prize be 1.5million dollars

Calum Green says:

It costs between 1 to 3 grand

anargya ramadhan says:

If its tankless then its not scuba scuba is self contained underwater breathing apparatus

dillon tran says:

Oof someone stole my idea

Ed Long says:

We had the OMC unit back in the late 60's if I recall correctly. Never an issue if used with common sense.

Павел Павлов says:

Я из России!!! Где купить такую штуку???

виталий никифоров says:

My system, time is unreserved

William Cronin says:

Logged 500+ open water dives, 100+ cave dives, air to 250ft, gas to 300+, carry certifications in most aspects of technical diving. The ignorance in some of these comments is astounding!!

MWFAE924TGWL / Microsoft Windows XP says:

*someone cuts my air hose with scissors*

Michael Hogue says:

the histaria when a shark bites the floaty or the cord though

JC Porquirino says:

Where can i get that flexible hose

Pedro Martinez says:

I know this is an old video but hopefully someone can help me with a question. I'm not a diver nor have any knowledge on the subject whatsoever but I need to submerge myself in about 10 feet or less of water to vac um the river bottom for gold. I have access to one of this machine that is gasoline operated got it from someone that was a diver. Can I get some tips if this is a good idea or maybe how to use it correctly. I though of getting PADI certified but in Costa Rica is extremely expensive, about $2000, any help will be greatly appreciated.
Semper Fi

Dave M says:

Very irresponsible advertising. Make it sound like just pop that on and dive. Need to get basic dive training before use for your own safety.

Be great for a boat owner to do hull cleaning.

germanylicious says:

Why do you need pressurized air and cant just take in real air?

Aviator168 says:

I thought decompression starts at 30ft. I would use this for less than 20ft. What is the price?


Gejet name pls

푸푸씽 says:

와 이런거 생각하고있었는데 헐 있다니

Janan Khlif says:

where can I find this air buddy or buy online?

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