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Russian Hookah comparison, what do you think?

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We wanted to compare 2 similar “stick” hookahs, which is a style that has been coming from Russia lately.
They are made to be simple and inexpensive, yet what are the differences in them.
Here you will see the Gorgona Pan hookah compared to an Avion stick hookah.
What are your thoughts on them?
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Browny says:

Can someone tell which is better closed chamber or open chamber? Thanks

Doc says:

Y’all wanna see my big stick (hookah)?

Doc says:

“I like the stick design of it” while he’s literally stroking it up and down

Thug trails says:

Too expensive thumbs down

Doublezz says:

hahah love the intro

AKRS says:

Germany has some good budget brands like amy deluxe

Иван Китаев says:

gorgona super hookah, working for a long time on it

samieh seyedmorteza says:

Tbh like smoke was okay, I still prefer my Nawras spear my Shika skyrim or my KM ceramica. Imho traditional is better

netzito1991 says:

VZ Hookah is my Russian favorite. Personally, I prefer the Oblako compared to the Werkbund, smoking experience is pretty much the same, but the look and feel to the Oblako bowl just feels better 🙂

Team Marshman says:

Thank you I was just thinking about buying a Russia made hookah.

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