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New Wookah Hookah | V2 (2019)

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The New Wookah is out and they made some cool changes. The new Wookah has a Quick lock system which is just less than a 40 degree turn your Body of the hookah is secure with the vase. Ground joint connection meaning that no grommets are needed to connect the hose or purge valve. The craftsmanship on this Hookah is magnificent. Hope you enjoy this quick video if you do don’t forget to hit that Like button. Also, Don’t forget to Subscribe so you can stay up to date with our latest shows.
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nim nim parvin says:

what is the stuff in the water?

קובי מור says:

what is the water level you put ?

John Reyes says:

For the all wooden wookah how do u know how much water to put lol

Sony Television says:

How did you do the lava look of the water?

DzenkaLenka says:

Look for xschischa , this is a for water painting in the bowl

Florian Beck says:

Where can I buy a set?

Amin Omar says:

Fr what is that orange stuff in the base? I need it to up my game you know you always gotta flex on these ppl

The Wolfie says:

I puted a lemon juice but it was normal tho
But i like it

EARTH is my home___________ says:

Good video but plls stop the backround music!

HeavyIzThaCrown - says:

That dude on the right is annoying

raihan mahi says:

What did you add to the water to create a lava effect

UKVATO says:

I putted Ice in my shisha gave me a sore throat.

Jae Herrera says:

How you did the water like that ?

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