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NEW Werkbund Maverick Hookahs

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I was in Moscow this past weekend at John Calliano Christmas Sale, and it was an amazing experience.
Thanks to the hospitable Russians for their super advanced hookah culture.
Watch some of the the goodies I got, and will be stocking up on.
For now, this is about a couple of new Werkbund Hookahs.

See you all at HEW Quattro!
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John King says:

Ooo so he using his knurl hose? Is that thing good? Or hits the same as any regular hose? Because at it’s price point it gotta be vastly better.

Евгений Головкин says:

Джонни, вся ваша америка…просто, сосет!!!
ВСЯ культура кальянная, щас в РОССИИ!!!
и да, это называется…МАТРЕШКA, учи русский, скоро пригодится)

Geo Msu says:

Unfortunately, I didn't visit JCS, but I want to visit HCS in S.Petersburg. And I have question. What's your opinion about Satyr Hookah Tobacco? I like this tobacco as well as Tangiers


It's a Derby a formal hat not to be worn with jeans Charle Chapman never did lol

Сергей says:

what's the mouthpiece in your hand?

Akrapovic 68 says:

Is maverick not logan paul’s shit

Kenny BMX says:

Kosser hookahs?

Дмитрий Фирсаков says:

you just need to go through all the stands in St. Petersburg, and you will see how many cool things are made in Russia

Danis Hasanagic says:

Love that outfit tho

Franco Sanchez says:

Does it cost to ship to the UK if I make purchases from you guys? I have tried other US/German websites but its such ridiculous princes for shipping to the UK.

Erikas Erikas says:

the doll name is matrioska 😀

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