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New Starbuzz American Made Hookahs 2018

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We are all fans of Starbuzz and the innovations they have brought to the hookah market worldwide.

You are familiar with the Starbuzz American Made Hookahs that came out a few years back, right? Well check out the improvements they have made for 2018!
You can get them here:

This summer we will host the US’s first ever HOOKAH only expo that will be open to you, the true hookah fan. Hookah Expo Worldwide.

WHEN: August 4-5, 2018

There will be brands represented there from all over the world, like Al Fakher, Starbuzz, Shika Hookah, and many more.

Register now for the expo…and did I say there’s a Vegas pool party at night? Yes, yes there is.

I can’t wait to see you all there.

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HOOKAH EXPO WORLDWIDE August 4-5, 2018 Las Vegas!

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Mikaeel Dawoojee says:

Hey guys I'm looking for the best hookah flavors to smoke would someone please tell me what's it

Hector Torres says:

John your the man! I’m new to the hookah world and have been using a Chinese one for a while. You inspired me to pick up a KM. Also learned from you that not all hoses are washable. Awesome channel!

Vladimir Shamin says:

starbuzz is great, but there really nothing's chenged… only paint, that makes no difference for smoking… and the price?

Mohamed Jamel says:

I want like these Hookah
iam from iraq
how can i get it?????

Error404 says:

are those Syrians on the right?

Liyah Lashaee says:

Does anyone know where you can register your stem at for the warranty?

Stuart Bailey says:

What’s up with those 3 little Syrians sitting on the table?

Mubashir Noman says:

Im in pakistan here yoru cheap hookahs are costy for me can you send one for me as a gift

Mubashir Noman says:

You are great

Eduardo Blasco says:

I love my Starbuzz it’s by far my best Hookah

Arabking 12 says:

What’s up everybody

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