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New Oduman Hookah Products | First Impressions (2019)

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On today’s show we have an amazing surprise of exclusive first Impressions of the New Oduman Hookah products. Introducing the Oduman Monster Hookah, Oduman Lightsaber, Oduman Ignis Revo and Oduman Carbo-One. These are amazing new products that just came out in the USA, let us know what you think. We hope you enjoyed this quick video if you do don’t forget to hit that Like button. Also, Don’t forget to subscribe so you can stay up to date with our latest shows.
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timucin pusat says:

Hi from Turkiye. Which one do you suggest among Oduman models and why? Monster, Voyage or N2 Travel? I want small one for home and outside usage. And which one do you suggest CARBO-ONE METAL, IGNIS-REVO METAL, IGNIS METAL? Waitingy your reply thank you.

Ann Esp says:

My first shisha was an Oduman Spider and I loved it. I still use it to travel.

TrapSantana - says:

Keep adding content!! Bro great channel! More shisha reviews!

gavin sewell says:

Can you use an alpaca lerook bowl on this travel hookah with a kaloud lotus plus?

RYO II says:

Yo, I have a small question for you guys. I bought ignis revo recently because my classic ignis is beyond useable. When I put well burnt charcoal on ignis revo and put on the metal cap on it charcoals just went absolute black there is no air circulation even if I try with the big hmd circle and then it gives me massive headache. Can you guys help me about it please?

Yaya says:

Smoking hookah should not be this complicates

Hristo Iliev says:

Where can I get that hose from. It looks amazing

Orange Gamer says:

You guys have a very good video editing guy

MrKay says:

What if you want to top up the coal in the Revo, wont it be too hot to touch with bare hands?

Emre DOĞAN says:

Great review! Thanks so much, it really helped me to decide and I am gonna buy this one. But, I could not decide to which hmd should I prefer. Which hmd provides more performance and which would you suggest: Carbo-one, bowl + ignis, bowl + ignis revo? One more thing, Is the connector on the glass detachable?

Charlie Chan says:

hey sick video man, just a quick question: would i have any issues using my old silicone hose into the hose port or is the diameter smaller on this pipe?

Buikje says:

This hookah Or smoke tank?

Top Shelf Smokers says:

i had a horrible experience with the shamin xxl coal on the oduman one. i perfer heating with 3 regulars with top open for 4-5 mins then removing 2 and just using 1 small one with the HM lid on with small holes. got way too much of a burnt flavor off the xxl coals maybe you can explain how long you let the one heat or how you set it up. thanks

Tony Diaz says:

Hey Dutch, I know you guys only do shishas but ever consider maybe doing electronic heads (E-juice) I know starbuzz, nada, Fantasia, royal vapor, etc, are some brands. There’s not much videos and kind of new to the public eyes, just a thought !!! Anyway awesome video man. Hope the DMZ squad keeps pushing with the videos !

1botella says:

Monster or N3? For portability and quality.

Davi Terra says:

Thanks God I found a review in english. Great video!

Sigler says:

And this one vs n2 travel? Which one is better?

Mohamed alnajafi says:

what kind of water coloring you are using??

K H says:

Also can you put the products displayed in the description so I can easily refer back to it when I visit their site?

K H says:

How long did you let your shisha heat up with the coals before you got clouds like that?

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