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New MIG Hookahs, with Traditional Chambers!

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The latest versions of MIG hookahs came into hookahjohn today.
The versions are the MIG 3.0, mini Tradi, lounge edition models, and several models with a never seen before feature on MIG…..traditional chambers!

Check these 100% German Made hookahs here:

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guest says:

That looks like a whole lotta fine craftsmanship.

desisongs4155 says:

I love anything thats german

Евгений Золотухин says:

Bryan Murphy says:

Hookah boi maine

Jezyka Canary says:

Awesome, Expo is on 🙂 Fantastic news. Thanks for the video

Abdulrahman Alsabbagh says:

Try magix hookah

ajq1982 says:

Yes today's a great day because sexy johnny baby is on my screen!

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