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New Khalil Mamoon Hookahs 2015

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New Khalil Mamoon Hookahs at Hookahjohn. Also, a special happy birthday to a close friend of mine.
Check the details on these KM Hookahs that just hit the market.

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Zakar Poghosyan says:

How can I get Seashell(sadaf) models?

Stoic Outrider says:

So I have a Khalil Mamoon double pear hookah that I bought about 5 years ago. I haven't touched it in a couple years, but was thinking about going back to it. What kinds of thing should I look for to see if the hookah is still suitable for use?

Jonathan Gutierrez says:

So the box says "maamoon" should it have 2 As? Doing research and having trouble finding authentic KM's

Marquis Hollins says:

I turned your video off because that was a bitch ass way not to say happy birthday to dude because he didn't place an order goofy af

Ash 8080 says:

what is the name of the seashell km on the website??????????

parvejkhan99881 khan says:

Hi…buddy I am yur biggest fan of yur video can you make some more videos of khalil mamoon….plzzzz kahlil mamoon 2017

edmondk305 says:

Tsnount Shnorhavor Hovsep Jan!

Lawrence Griego says:

I ordered a KM hookah from Hookah John and it's the best. only thing I added was a large hookah defuser and it quiet the hookah. great add on. thank you John.

-Owner: Lawrence G.
Da One Hookah Bar

Qassm Alessa says:

Hear in Saudi Arabia km are about 40 dollars

Anwar Brasil says:

انا احب نركيله جدا جدا

Matthew Fornof says:

Lol he may of used a different name. Like maybe the name on his card is different from his name he uses

Zetetik - says:

There was a tall KM that John showed us (round the back of his house I think it was), it had beautiful green stylings on the stem and vase and I cannot for the life of me remember its name or find the (YT) Vid where he showed it, does anyone out there know which KM I'm talking about?      Thanks folks 🙂

boomy818 says:

Hovsep!!! Armenian!!!! Like me lmfaooo

MCLEO says:

KM has officially hit the bottom

imarmenian413 says:

Happy Birthday Axperus from one armenian to another

GRIZLY says:

fucking love them km is the only hookah to own john as always awesome vid man keep it up

marcel Sacco says:

i love this chicha
khalil mamoon was top

Vicente lerdo says:

The last two are sweet and the thing of the down steams has been for a while

Hacky2447 says:

Your dolphin looks like a swan. Is the genie lamp traditional chamber?

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