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New Amira Osaka and Midori Hookahs! at Hookah Wholesalers

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Amira Hookahs are flying off the retail shelves these days.

Today we take a look at their new Osaka and Midori Models.

These Elegant Hookahs come with a wood accented stem to go along with the sleek heavy metal. The base is equally as well built, and heavy duty.

The new snap lock system means you never have to worry about getting the threads right, or getting that pesky grommet to fit right.

Add in a fully washable silicone hose with an extended wood handle to match!

You now have a hookah that will not only smoke great, but you and your customers can show off!

These can be found at Hookah Wholesalers

Check out the Midori here

Check out the Osaka Here

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Fabian Zamora says:

other than the height whats the difference between the two? do they have the same opening size of the stem?

Eli thehookah guy says:

Too many unanswered questions how wide is the stem how does it his is it wide open is it resricted? How about the perge system? How maluble is the hose itself? I simply need more info than just the ascetics as a selling point

kentfrancis1015 says:

Where do the spring go into having trouble

Salal Ahmed says:

how much is it? i do not want to register ..

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