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I cant say enough about this newest installment in the xfunction hookah line ! I finally got my hands on it and put it through the paces! I breakdown the entire hookah and give some pros and cons about this new hookah!

sorry i know the video is very long but its packed with intel

you can check it out here!

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Davi Terra says:

At 16:31 was that the sound of water on the bowl, when you purged?

Adrian Borinsky says:

was going to get this but man, to ship to canada 65$ USD? The hookah is 85 and the shipping is 65.. fk that

Qasim Qureshi says:

Nice video,kind of unrelated but are you able to tell me if the piece at 5:45 will fit on a union hookah? Reason being I lost that part somehow and without it the tray is not stable, thank you.

Omar Brown says:

Did they give you a special one? Cause that's not on there site

Jezyka Canary says:

Cool how you can accessories the stems and switch out colors and the soft touch silicone hose is a nice addition to the setup. Have you had a chance to try their new HMD?

Matt Desind says:

I really like the new Mya Hose.

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