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Most expensive vape in our shop $750 to celebrate 500 Subs ! o2 or C2 Hookah

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First off we would like to seriously, sincerely, and honestly Thank everyone who has subscribed to our channel. We love creating video’s for everyone who is interested in the vape industry. As always, if anyone has any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to leave some comments ! we love to hear from everyone !

*Note we call it the o2 hookah, because there are lots of documents about it stating that its called o2 because oxygen and water, HO squared.. is o2.. also their contact email is but I think because of the logo, they have started calling it C2.. or something weird happened.. But we are sticking with o2. That is all 🙂

A revolution in vape technology

The world’s first electronic shisha device, bringing together outstanding performance and usability. Offering users the same ‘bubbling water’ experience beloved of conventional hookah pipes, the c2 Hookah can support 2 simultaneous users, benefits from variable power control for a fully customisable vaping experience, and uses pre-filled pods for quick, hassle-free refill.

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በርታ ሰውም ሁን says:

Can you guys sell it Australia?

Świadek Samego Siebie says:

These pods are disposable, can I refill them?

Pentronix says:

So are the pods refillable?

ReSurRection 4345 says:

Where did y’all find the empty pod? I’ve been looking for it but can’t find it

AwH Vex says:

It shoots water at the top if you blow too hard , if you blow softly itll blow smoke out of the other hose , you guys did this completely wrong sorry to tell you, your suppose to plug one hose as someones hitting one hose . To clear stale smoke you slightly blow into it till smoke is not leaving the other hose anymore.

Vapletrichs Gne says:

Can you even dab out of it…

Shawn D says:

Where can I buy one of these? Do you sell them?

Brooke says:

Congrats guys!

Simon Fenton says:

Which I loved of course! Coming out your way early April. We will hit it together

Simon Fenton says:

Blind leading blind in true Alpha male behaviour

TheAllMightyBiscuits says:

Nice I kind of want one now

Kirk O’Neill says:

Looks awesome! Nty though. I wouldn’t even spend 750$ on my favourite beverage (authentic Asian teas)

Savannahqxo says:

Great video!

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