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MIG X Series, best MIGs yet, maybe even best hookahs ever

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The MIG X Series are just so beautiful and such exceptional works of art. I will do a follow up video on them later.
HookahJohn will be displaying and running every MIG model at Hookah Expo Worldwide, which is 1 week from today.

Hope to see you there!


Πορτοκαλί Εκ Φύσεως Ανώτεροι says:

which is the song??

Musa 1 says:

How to clean those?

Chris says:

If you like them you also may like the hookahs from Ocean hookah. It's also made in Germany. High quality handmade full V2a stainless steel and the bowls are handmade in Czech Republic. It is 24% lead crystal glass.

If you like you can check it out here:

Greetings from Germany

Andrew Fullerton says:

mig or wookah? i cant decide on what i want

Martin Martin says:

hay man talk abut iraqeen hookah

Ekrem2323 says:

Mig price in Germany 300-500 euros. Holy moly

Hafizur Rahman says:

Hey john have you heard of the kalyan Bali hookah. They start from $1500. See if you can get your hands on one and make a video

Noah Herdman says:

Gotta say John LOVING THE CONTENT! Keep producing this stuff you're giving me lots of helpful info on the industry!

Ali Jaffery says:

@Hookah John,

When it comes to the issue of flavor ghosting, what is the most important thing to do to prevent this?

Should different flavors have different hookahs?
Should different flavors have different hoses?
Should different flavors have different bowls?

Are certain bowls/hookahs/hoses better at preventing ghosting? And are there certain flavors that always need to be kept isolated from other flavors because they easily cause ghosting issues?

Saus says:

I check your vids from the netherlandss!!

Emir Küsbeci says:

Aeon better than MIG

Jaime Metalhead says:

I need to save me some money for one MIG. All I have is a KM lol

Ahmad says:

Are wookah restocks coming anytime soon?

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