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Mazaya Peach Shisha (Hookah) – Review

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Watch Paul’s review of Mazaya Peach shisha (hookah) tobacco. If you’ve smoked Mazaya Peach flavor, please take a few moments and share your own review with everyone else too.

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Mazaya Marketing says:

Thank you very much for trying Mazaya Tobacco and for useful feedback.
We hope to hear from you on our other molasses flavors soon.
Mazaya Team

Mister Thrice says:

Another classic review.  Peach seems a hard one to peg, naturally.  Any suggestions on a natural, not-so-candied peach flavor?

Cristian Vides says:

Hey Paul, love your videos. Can you maybe do a Nakhla Mizo Peach Review?

Harutun Panosyan says:

Subbed! Really like the way you do your reviews. Totally agree about tangiers peach iced tea. I would say it tastes just like Arizona peach tea

Nasir Hamid says:

You should try watermelon mint and blueberry

Raze77 says:

love your videos!

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