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Learn the Proper way to Smoke a Hookah – Invisible Man Presents

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In this episode, the Invisible Man shows you how to assemble and smoke a hookah in style.

Want to learn how to tie a tie? Impress a lady? How about the latest dance moves? Join the trusty Invisible Man as he teaches you how to do absolutely everything: from sewing and sign language to meditation and more.

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Seb 28 says:

It’s a Shisha

Áron Tápai says:

normal foil? Quick light coal? U need a tutorial man….

Kyle Sekenski says:

This was how to set one up. Said nothing about how to smoke it. Terrible video

Jack Durston says:

nothing on pipes and cigars

Abderrahmane Rawnak says:

I just got gun hookah

Jazzfan 285 says:

How much water do you put in your hookah?

Twinkie Sweets says:

Shaft… 7w7

HOXTON says:

Don't ever fuckin use easy-light coals

1234567890 1234567890 says:

always wait for the coal to be white before smoking …

صدام العرب says:

خبل مايعرف يزبط الراس

Tobias Schrader says:

Ever smoked a real shisha

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