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Lavoo H1 Hybrid | Hookah (2019)

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On today’s show we bring you an amazing Glass Hookah from Lavoo, it’s the H1 Hybrid Hookah. Lavoo is an American Company that is known for high-class quality glass Hookahs and now they are coming out with the Hybrid line, where Metal meets glass, perfect for fruits and really easy for cleaning. Hope you enjoy this quick video if you do don’t forget to hit that Like button. Also, Don’t forget to Subscribe so you can stay up to date with our latest shows.
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H1 Hybrid Lavoo :



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Viktor Heinzmann says:

Really beatifull Hookah.

Greetings from Germany 🙂

Qari umar Saeedkk says:

I think it's the same people but edited

Mac Dre says:

Lavoo MP5x review?

Rhonan Geraci says:

Love you guys did awesome

Samyog Hamal says:

42 vewier awsome and 7 person to like

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