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Let’s begin with our most popular new model – it’s our new Mini Angel
this is a beautiful 22-inch handmade Egyptian Hookah
it’s small but extremely powerful
Mini Angel comes along with Egyptian bowl, glass base,
hose and all the complimentary hookah accessories inside the box.
If you are looking for classic Egyptiain hookah but with an ice chamber
then the KM Ice Buls is made just for you
KM Ice Buls Gold has a gold metalic color with intricate gold patterns that make it
nothing less than a royal masterpiece. And it comes equipt with an ice chamber that will cool off the smoke.
The Ice Buls also comes in an Oxidized color
inspired by the amazing timeless patina style.
apart from the color, it shares the same hookah design
and features of the Ice Buls Gold.

Next comes Khalil Mamoon Sephora, a double door hookah that illustrates
the unparallel craftmanship of our seasoned hookah artisans.

The set is comes with a Egyptian glass base, a clay bowl
and a KM hose with comfy grip.
Last but not the least, is the very elegant medium-sized
Khalil Mamoon Turkey Oxed, sibling of a popular one-door Khalil
Mamoon piece. The oxidized hookah may miss the glittering shine
but it’s chic and perfect for your unique style preference.
Moreover, it got original KM hookah accessories to complete the set.
Coming to the price of these gorgeous masterpieces.
Mini Angel, Ice Buls Gold, Ice Buls Oxed and Turkey Oxed come for only $84.99,
while Sephora Comes for $109.99 only.

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